The Pinnacle of Excellence: A Legacy of Transformation

The Institute of Professional Studies and Development (IPSD) holds a significant place within the academic landscape as the professional wing of PATHS University. Its inception was driven by an earnest desire to elevate and propagate quality education for the global professional workforce.

At the helm of PATHS University of Africa is President Dramou, a visionary leader deeply committed to reshaping African higher education in alignment with the imperatives of globalization and emerging technologies. President Dramou, along with his adept board and administrators, has meticulously crafted a curriculum that seamlessly integrates the best practices of Anglophone and Francophone learning within the unique context of Africa.

Embracing the realities of globalization and technology, their vision transcends conventional boundaries, aiming to empower undergraduates and graduates to identify challenges and offer impactful solutions within their communities.

The overarching goals set by President Dramou include forging strategic partnerships between PATHS University of Africa, industries, school systems, and governments to catalyze the development of African countries. Moreover, his vision extends to enhancing the productivity levels in the transformation of African primary products into industrial goods.

Dr. Dramou's leadership has propelled PATHS University towards a steadfast commitment to excellence in teaching, research, employment creation, public service promotion, and fostering collaborations with other universities. The institution, under his guidance, is poised to play a pivotal role in the transformative journey of African higher education.