Dr. Martin Dramou ,

PATHS University President

Annual Address to the Faculty,

December 4, 2023

I am honored and proud to lead PATHS University of Africa as its founder and President. And I am delighted to welcome you to our great institution, whether you are a prospective student wondering what we’re all about, just visiting our website, a registered student, a staff, or a community member. We thank you for your interest!

PATHS University of Africa will always brag about four distinctive strengths: God is always with us. Our Respect for Human Dignity, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Excellence.
We profoundly believe that God is always with us. His presence is the symbol of his love for humanity. His presence has guided us in the process of creating the mission, visions, and goals that promote human values. 

Our Respect for Human Dignity (RHD) is remarkable. PATHS stands for Peaceful Actions for the Enhancement of Human Services. It is rooted on African traditional philosophy that states” I am because you are, you are because I am, therefore we are.”  Human values constitute one of our core strengths. We welcome diverse communities.